ライトアート展 ~銀河からのエネルギー「夢宙光彩」~Light Art Exhibition ~Energy from the Galaxy~

会 期 2016年9月28日(水) - 2016年10月16日(日)
時 間 11:00 - 20:00(最終日は17:00まで)
場 所 CUBE 1, 2, 3
料 金 入場無料
主 催 アトリエMITANI




アーティスト:三谷 祐資             
Light Art Exhibition ~Energy from the Galaxy
Light,that is an energy from the universe, and it is a origin which glows all being on the earth. All natural things and landscapes can show the bright colors only by being enlighten with the sun light. Although it is difficult for us to see the light itself.
Mr.Yuji MITANI, the painter has tried to make an expression that we can feel this kind of energy sent from the sun. He changed his technic of color-paints to technic of color-light, then he made a success of visualization of the light.
He named the series of this kind of the artworks “Dream Space Light Color (夢宙光彩, muchukousai)”, from which we feel the energy from the galaxy in our daily life. It is so to say a life illuminating Gorgeously Colored Art. It is brilliant like a fireworks and present a dreamy world like a kaleidoscope, so that there appears a comfortable space.
 About 50 pieces new works will be first shown in Shibuya Hikarie. Please feel the comfortable lights by which we touch to the mystery of the universe and dignity of the beings. This light leads us to the happiness.
Artist:Yuji MITANI
■  A brief personal record     
1946   born in Ise city, Mie prefecture in Japan
1978   roamed from Europe to India widely to study paintings of the West and the Orient
1989   painted “the Eurasian Continent” based on the memory of journey. The size of painting extended to 100m wide. I first painted the sun in it, and the mysterious emotion arose in mind made me keep painting the sun from that time.
1990  started the visit to Mt. Fuji. As sign of strange on the aspects of four seasons could be sensed, I had been visiting various places across Japan to collect data for 10 years. After that began painting of “The four seasons in Japan” which size would be 170m wide.
2005  Exhibited “The four seasons in Japan” at Aichi international exposition.
Travelled over 30 countries looking for the sun.
Hold one-man exhibition of his paintings at many places in Japan.