SHIKAKU−シカクい生地と絵から生まれた服たち−SHIKAKU -pictures transforming costumes-

会 期 2020年7月 1日(水) - 2020年7月20日(月)
時 間 11:00 - 20:00 *日曜日のみ 11:00-18:00 (19:00〜 インスタライブ)
場 所 渋谷ヒカリエ8/CUBE 1, 2, 3
料 金 入場無料 ※事前申込制となります。ウェブサイトにてご確認ください。 https://shikaku.peatix.com/
主 催 株式会社STUDEO studeoevent2020@gmail.com

This is the first solo exhibition at an art gallery for Tomoe Shinohara, which consists of her works that have been converted from her drawings or paintings into three-dimensional objects in the form of costumes.
These works have been made by creating patterns which, after repeated trials, were made with the goal of producing as little wasted material as possible from rectangular cloth, or, by using the whole textile, which is cut into a square shape, and sewing them together dynamically or delicately. They are born from textiles which were unsold and would have been disposed of in the end.
The show is a presentation of the artist, Tomoe Shinohara’s emotion for her latest creativity after coming face to face with what making things and creativity mean to her again over the course of one whole year. We sincerely hope you will come to see the works.


・ 各ガイドライン等を参考に最大20人の入場規制を行なっております。
・ 手指消毒用アルコールをご用意しておりますので、ご利用ください。
・ 入室時には、マスクの着用と検温のご協力をお願いします。
・ 観覧中の人と人の間隔は、1~2mを目安にお取りください。



篠原ともえ Tomoe Shinohara



Born in Tokyo, 1979. Graduated from the fashion design course of the junior college department at Bunka Fashion College (currently Bunka Gakuen University). Shinohara made her debut as a singer with Sony Music Records in 1995 and has built a prolific career as a TV, movie and stage actress and a narrator/voice actress. She has also been working as a costume designer and has done stage costumes such as Yumi Matsutoya and Arashi for their concert tours. In 2020, Shinohara established a creative studio named “STUDEO” with her husband, Tatsuki Ikezawa (art director) and continues her creative activities in an outside-the-box way.