大門真優子 鈴木さゆり展「THE WORLD END」

会 期 2018年7月 3日(火) - 2018年7月 9日(月)
時 間 11:00 - 20:00
場 所 CUBE (ヒカリエ8階)
料 金 入場無料
主 催 大門真優子 鈴木さゆり (お問い合わせ:twe2018.ms@gmail.com)


コスチュームデザイナー・アートディレクター・アーティスト大門真優子と、写真家鈴木さゆりによる第2回作品展。2人がそれぞれの感性を生かし、0からの創作活動を続けて数年。今展覧会では「THE WORLD END」=ある世界の「終焉から始まるストーリー」を独創的な世界観で発表します。
大門 真優子
Mayuko Daimon and Sayuri Suzuki Art exhibition “THE WORLD END”
Costume designer, Visual director, Artist Mayuko Daimon and photographer Sayuri Suzuki's 2nd art work exhibition.
For several years,  two each combine their own sensibilities and continue creative activities from 0.
This exhibition theme is "THE WORLD END" = Present the story starting from the end of the world with an original world viewing.
This series was photographed at the sea in the Northern Mariana Islands and in Iwate where it is snowing.
Despite being photographed in magnificent nature, the decadent, rebellious and destructive sense,
A sense of incongruity that seemingly mismatched will unleash the imagination of the viewer and you will be able to find new worlds.
In addition a few of the works, we collaborated with Special effects makeup, VFX, Set designer. Thanks to that more clearly made up the world which does not exist in reality.
Please enjoy the world of a unique color sense.
Mayuko Daimon/ Costume designer, Visual director, Artist.
She learned movie and stage costume making in Japan and haute couture technology in NY. She produce everything  original design and direction to costumes, headpieces and final visuals. In the art work detached from the "clothes", she becomes the subject herself, consistently expresses and presents her view of the world.
In addition, she is also designing and producing costumes and visual direction for movies, music videos, photo collections and live performances.
Sayuri Suzuki/ Photographer. 
She photographs with unique technique beautiful things. Nature, underwater, people...
Her art work is in spite of photographed of the real world seems to be a new world that can not exist anywhere and features a visual inviting viewers' imagination.
As well as photographs, since 2013 she work on event produced and movie making, and comprehensive expressions. 


展覧会初日7月3日18:00~18:30 大門真優子と鈴木さゆりによるトークショーを行います。