divka 2017-18 F/W Collection by CREATORS TOKYO

会 期 2017年3月23日(木) - 2017年3月25日(土)
時 間 11:00 - 20:00 (初日のみ12:00オープン/First day open at 12:00 pm)
場 所 CUBE 2, 3

CREATORS TOKYOに所属するデザイナーの展示会です。

2012年、MANGO FASHION AWARD 4th Editionにて10人のファイナリストに選出され、スペイン/バルセロナにて展示、ショーに参加。同年、アジア10カ国から選出された10組のデザイナーとして、タイ/バンコクにてショーを行う。2013S/SコレクションよりTRANOI/パリに出展。2012TOKYO新人デザイナーファッション大賞プロ部門にて支援デザイナーに選出され、東京都知事賞を受賞。2014年、NOT JUST A LABELより世界各国より選出された最もイノベイティブな100ブランドのひとつとして、イタリア/ヴィチェンツァで開催されたORIGIN passion & beliefs展に招待される。 2016S/Sより、Fashion Week Tokyoにてランウェイショーを行う。
 divka was founded in 2011. The fundamental concept of our collection is the thought of commutation between the clothes and the people who encounter them over time and space. In 2012, divka was selected in the 10 finalists for the MANGO FASHION AWARD 4th Edition and had an exhibition and a runway show in Barcelona, Spain. In the same year, divka was also selected in 10 designers from 10 Asian countries and had a show in Bangkok, Thailand. We started to participate in TRANOI in Paris from the 2013 S/S collection, and now having a private showroom in Paris. divka was selected as supported designer at the 2012 Tokyo New Designer Fashion Grand Prix in the Professional Category and they received the Award from the Governor of Tokyo. In 2014, we were selected as one the most innovative international 100 brand by NOT JUST A LABEL and they participated in the exhibition ORIGIN Passion & Beliefs which was held in Venezia, Italy. divka organize run way shows in the Fashion Week Tokyo since 2016 S/S collection.