東京カメラ部/Tokyo Camera Club

東京カメラ部2015写真展/日本の47枚0.0045%の奇跡 ~2億人が選んだ10枚~ 
Tokyo Camera Club Photo Exhibition / 47 Photos of Japan


会 期 2015年5月27日(水) - 2015年6月14日(日)
時 間 11:00 - 20:00
場 所 02/CUBE
04/d47 MUSEUM
料 金 無料
主 催 東京カメラ部 
0.0045%の奇跡 ~2億人が選んだ10枚~
The 0.0045% Miracle - The 10 Photographs 200 Million People Chose -
"Is it possible to achieve a miracle with effort?"
0.0045%. This is the probability of ten people being chosen from four full-packed Tokyo Domes. The ratio is 1 in 22000. This is 45 times the acceptance rate of an astronaut candidate. And, 200 million people with a keen eye, used to seeing beautiful photographs every day, are the ones who have chosen these 10 photographs. Can we not say that getting through this competition is one miracle?
Here we have 10 photographs that have gone through this high competition from a total of 220,000 photographs. The photographers of these 10 photographs did not use any special connection or fame to win their place.
We are proud to present to you these 10 photographs along with more fabulous works from these special 10 photographers at Shibuya Hikarie.
"Is it possible to achieve a miracle with effort?"
Find out for yourself.
*200 million people: Based on the total number of users reached through photographs posted on Tokyo Camera Club and its subsidiary pages in 2014. (Facebook Insight)
*Acceptance rate of astronaut candidates: The acceptance rate for candidates of the International Space Station crew in 2009 was 481. However, candidates must meet the necessary academic, mental, and health requirements to apply to become an astronaut.
*220,000 photographs: Number of photos posted on Tokyo Camera Club and its subsidiary pages.