会 期 2014年8月 6日(水) - 2014年8月25日(月)
時 間 11:00 - 20:00
場 所 8/ ART GALLERY/ Tomio Koyama Gallery
料 金 入場無料 Admission Free


街中を美術館に変える  — フランス人アーティスト JR

JRは1983年フランス、パリ生まれ。現在はパリとニューヨークを拠点としています。 2011年にはTED(Technology Entertainment Design)よりTEDプライズを受賞。これまでに、第52回ヴェネチア・ビエンナーレ(2007年)、「時代の肖像展」(テート・モダン、2008年)、「パリ・デリー・ボンベイ展」(ポンピドゥー・センター、2011年)など世界各国で展覧会に参加し、2013年にワタリウム美術館で個展を開催しました。



At the age of seventeen, JR began mounting photographs on buildings and other public spaces as a means of artistic expression. Traveling around the world, he later started capturing scenes of people who must live through oppression, poverty or discrimination and posting the gigantic images onto walls which are part of the lives of the local people. In 2012, as part of his global “Inside Out Project”, he drove a photobooth truck equipped with a specialized portrait camera and large format printer and toured the stricken areas caused by the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan. As he did for the project elsewhere, he photographed the local Japanese people and exhibited the photographic works in the midst of their local surroundings. JR’s practice turns the world’s streets into a gallery that anyone can view, and in so doing, he displays the problems of a particular region to a global audience – and a new way of communication is born. 
 This exhibition features 10 lithograph works including the one made in collaboration with David Lynch.
JR was born in Paris, France in 1983. He lives and works in New York and Paris. JR was the winner of the TED Prize in 2011. Selected exhibitions include the 52th Venice Biennale (Venice, Italy, 2007), “Portrait of a Generation” installation at the Tate Modern (London, UK, 2008), “Paris-Delhi-Bombay” photobooth installation at Centre Pompidou (Paris, France, 2011). In Japan, his solo exhibition was held at the Watari-um Museum (Tokyo, Japan, 2013).