untitled 2016 clay and glaze h.26.0 x Φ25.0 cm ©Adam Silverman

アダム・シルヴァーマン展「Blue」Adam Silverman

会 期 2016年11月 5日(土) - 2016年11月21日(月)
時 間 11:00 - 20:00
場 所 8/ ART GALLERY/ Tomio Koyama Gallery
料 金 入場無料 Admission Free


Opening reception: Saturday, November 5, 6pm-8pm






今回の展覧会では、青色や、様々な青の組み合わせ、重なりに焦点を当てます。 今回出展する作品の多くは、普段制作を行っているロサンゼルスのスタジオで制作しましたが、数点は大西洋にほど近く森林の緑の中に佇む、ロサンゼルスとは光、空気、色全て異なるロード・アイランドの夏のスタジオで制作しました。 (アダム・シルヴァーマン)



アダム・シルヴァーマンは1963年ニューヨーク生まれ。建築とアートを学んだ後、カリフォルニアに移住。ファッション・ブランド「X-LARGE」の創設メンバーとしても知られます。陶芸家としての活動を2002年より開始。ヒース・セラミックスのスタジオ・ディレクターを経て、現在はカリフォルニアにある自身のスタジオを拠点に制作しています。「BOOLEAN VALLEY」(建築家ナーダー・テラーニとのコラボレーション、ロサンゼルス現代美術館、2009年)、「Reverse Archaeology」(キンベル美術館、テキサス、2012年)、「Clay and Space」(ラグナ美術館、カリフォルニア、2013年)などをはじめとして、アメリカを中心に精力的に個展を開催。作品はロサンゼルスカウンティ美術館、テキサス州ダラスのナッシャー彫刻美術館や、イスラエル美術館などにも収蔵されています。


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Adam Silverman’s work embraces an energy that creates something truly new, and a mysterious presence like that of a freshly-mined, unpolished mineral. Silverman defines himself not only as an artist but as a skilled craftsman, and goes beyond the category of pottery. He explores both traditional and contemporary means of expression, and turns even accidental forms into works of art during the process of firing. A texture resembling kairagi , or like crust and lava, recalls the rhythms of graceful organisms, and forms evoking an egg or a human body fit into our living spaces as they describe abstract nature. Further, having studied architecture in college Silverman became inspired by the 20th century’s great architects. The geometry yet simultaneous sense of warmth of his work may thus be considered relatable to modernist architecture.  

This is Silverman’s fourth exhibition with Tomio Koyama Gallery and features new works upon the theme of “blue”, with architectural references, natural forms and a sharp sensitivity towards material.  


My show will be focused on the color blue, or the many blues, combinations of blues, layers of blues. Some of the work for the show was made in a summer studio in Rhode Island, which is near the Atlantic Ocean, but also nestled in the green of the woods. The light and air and colors there are very different than in Los Angeles. Some of the work for the show was made in Los Angeles. (Adam Silverman)



Adam Silverman was born in 1963 in New York. After studying architecture and art, he moved to California. He is also known as a founding member of the fashion brand “X-LARGE”. He established his professional practice as a ceramic artist in 2002. After working as a studio director at Heath Ceramics, he now works in his own studio in California. His many exhibitions to date include “BOOLEAN VALLEY” (in collaboration with Nader Tehrani, MOCA Pacific Design Center, 2009), “Reverse Archaeology” (The Kimbell Art Museum, Texas, 2012) and “Clay and Space” (Laguna Art Museum, California, 2013). His work has been collected by public institutions including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Nasher Sculpture Center (Dallas, Texas), and the Israel Museum.