Rafał Bujnowski, “Moon”, 2011/2017, oil on canvas, 35 x 35 cm

"FORMY" Rafał Bujnowski / Michelle RawlingsHikarie Contemporary Art Eye vol.11 小山登美夫監修

会 期 2019年1月 2日(水) - 2019年1月16日(水)
時 間 11:00 - 20:00 (※ 最終日は18:00まで)
場 所 CUBE 1, 2, 3
料 金 無料
主 催 Raster Gallery 
ul. Wspólna 63, 00-687 Warszawa, www.rastergallery.com 





The word forms in Polish means both shapes—on the surface, as well as three-dimensional ones —but also possible ways of behavior. The word is also associated with a modern revolution in art: with the idea of creating new artistic and social forms. The joint exhibition of Rafał Bujnowski and Michelle Rawlings shows the painterly experience from two completely different places in the world—American Texas and southern Poland, which is connected by the interest in elementary forms and the construction of a painting.  Both artists use painting in their own peculiar way, acting completely differently.  Bujnowski limits his artistic means to a bare minimum, forming images with single, quick, almost mechanical brush strokes. Rawlings on the other hand takes simple pictures found in magazines or girlish Instagram accounts and converts them into paintings: sophisticated, time-consuming and meticulous—in terms of her workshop. However the effect in both cases is similar—a fascinating game with a world overloaded with mechanical images, offering the viewer a return to a "handwritten" gesture and modern discipline of form.



ラファウ・ブイノフスキー  RAFAŁ BUJNOWSKI

1974年、ポーランドのヴァドヴィツェ生まれ。クラクフ美術大学大学院にてグラフィックデザイン修了。現在はワルシャワを拠点に活動する。ポーランドにおける同世代のアーティストを代表するラディカルででインテリジェントな現代ペインターのひとりである。ブイノフスキーの作品は、一見かけ離れた絵画とコンセプチュアルアートを巧妙に融合している。 作品は絵画、ビデオ、立体、あるいはアクションと多岐にわたる。

1974 Born in Wadowice, Poland, Graduated MFA, Graphic Arts Department, Academy of Fine Arts, Krakow, PL.   Work and lives in Warsaw.  One of the most radical and intelligent contemporary painters in his generation, Bujnowski’s works are a brilliant blend of two seemingly remote artistic disciplines - painting and conceptual art.  The Bujnowski's successive projects include paintings, videos, objects or actions.


ミシェル・ローリングス  Michelle Rawlings


1980 Born in Dallas, TX.  2006 BA, School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Boston, MA 2012 MFA, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI.  Lives and works in Dallas. Rawlings' intimate painting combines visual brilliance and multiplicity with reticent contemplation. 


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